First Steps

First Steps


Choosing an architect isn’t easy. You need the right architect who has the specific expertise for your project. It also needs to be the right fit.

That may or may not be us!

In our experience,the best way of finding out whether we are the right “fit” is to fully understand your vision and goals. This is achieved through our Initial Consultation Session.

If for some reason we discover we are not the ideal fit, then you are free to take the report to another designer for them to continue the process.

What is an Initial Consultation Session?

When considering your new office space, the Initial Consultation with Michele is the first step. Here is why…

  • To obtain a registered architect’s opinion on the feasibility of the project. Michele Dempsey is an award-winning architect and a leading expert on branded, sustainable office environments so she will have excellent insight.
  • To produce an outline brief outlining your vision and detailing the project program, room sizes, orientation, etc.
  • To discuss potential solutions in outline form.
  • To discuss the “look and feel” of the project.
  • To discuss the viability of the project and your ideas.
  • To perform a cursory look at zoning and/or code issues.
  • To give outline construction costs based on industry knowledge and experience.
  • To begin a process that will lead to bottom-line results.
  • Production of a report including the above.
  • Consultation costs credited on progression to next stage.
  • All travel prices included within one half hour of Scranton (areas beyond this are at cost).

A doctor wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis; this initial consultation works in the same way. It provides a strategy designed to precisely understand your requirements, then gives findings and recommendations to move forward with a timeline and budget.