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More information Freedlove is not just a store, it's a lifestyle!  Full of fashion, accessories and assorted merchandise, it offers a fun and inspiring shopping experience for those with an eye for style and a desire to enjoy life. DxDempsey was thrilled to design a store environment that embodies the Freedlove philosophy.  Keeping budget in mind, [...] View Project

Ruby Blue at Mandalay Bay

More information The brilliance of this store’s extraordinary design invites shoppers to explore what Ruby Blue has to offer. Inside Ruby Blue, alcoves are created by abstract “curtains” pulled back to reveal the treasures within. The boutique conveys a refined yet playful atmosphere with signature elements such as dazzling red walls and plush royal blue [...] View Project

Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank

More information A largely glass facade cuts down on the need for artificial lighting inside and is monitored by a Daylight Harvesting system that automatically adjusts lighting levels as needed.  Both high energy efficient and frosted glass were used to diffuse direct sunlight in the branch. The building also utilizes occupancy sensors so that no lights will [...] View Project