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Why We Do What We Do

We believe in challenging the mundane by being bold in life and in design. We believe that our physical environment has a profound impact on our quality of life so we use architecture and design to shape those environments into places that are inspiring, sustainable, morale-boosting, brand-conscious and results-driven. You, your community and your business have unique personalities so the places you spend your time should, too!

Strategic Branded Experience = Immersive + Well Being + Bottom Line

A brand is a promise wrapped in an experience. Through our niche, Strategic Branded Experiences, we design and curate those brand experiences in the built environment.

We think of a Strategic Branded Experience as a five leaf clover: it is 1) beautiful, 2) sustainable, 3) based on psychology, research and science, 4) branded with your mission, values, personality and DNA, 5) developed collaboratively with an innovative, relationship-based, boutique firm that offers individual attention to each client. Our projects are not just a pretty space.  They are highly effective and engaging experiences.

A branded environment extends the experience of your brand to the design of the exterior and interior settings.  This is achieved through architecture, interiors, signage, graphics, identity systems, and digital integration.  We start by understanding your company’s unique “DNA”, and then we express it in the physical environment. We also make sure the space promotes health, well-being and productivity by incorporating sustainable design principles, also referred to as green design. This ultimately leads to an environment that generates buzz…and revenue.

What happens when a customer, visitor or client walks through your door or visits your community?

If your brand is “innovation”, does your it reflect that or does it look generic?  Does it have personality?  Does it tell your story?

Drawing on our knowledge of the science and art of bringing people together, we create experiences rather than just basic functional space.

From the curb appeal to the conference room, when people walk-through, touch and interact with your brand, there is an opportunity to create a memorable impression–and true brand engagement. An immersive brand experience connects your story with your customers and employees in a meaningful way that unites them under a shared sense of goals and values.

Happy, healthy people are the key to a productive, thriving organization.

New research by the World Green Building Council shows that a green work environment has huge implications on employee health, well-being and productivity.

We take a holistic approach to designing sustainable branded environments ensuring that we consider natural light, ergonomics, thermal comfort, acoustics, and views to nature, along with selecting and specifying environmentally responsible materials and fixtures. Better lighting alone can spark a 23% jump in inefficiencies!  Environmental stewardship is about protecting the planet and promoting well-being, which has a net positive impact on the bottom line–People. Planet. Profit.

We are a Nationwide Architecture Firm.

We are able to work in any of the 50 states, with licenses in five!


Hours of Our Week

Watching “The Office”

Thinking About Working Out

Designing Compelling Architecture



Through our 3 Step Design Simple process, we make it easy to create an environment and experience that fits your culture, your brand and the personality of your organization. Our bold designs inspire customers and employees and boosts your bottom line … customers feel the excitement, employees love to work for you. We’d love to work with you to get there.

Our Design Simple process lives up to its name and is proven to drive results utilizing 3 steps that can be done individually or all at once.

01 – GET THE LOOK: Concept Development shows a vision for a project and its boldest potential.

02 – GET THE COST: Concept Development + Pricing allows you to see what a project may cost.

03 – GET IT DONE: Concept Development through Construction Observation provides you the comfort that comes with us guiding you from the napkin sketch through to enjoying your new environment.

For a small investment, Step 01 allows you to find out what your project will look like before committing to the full process. Low risk, high reward. Contact us to talk about what you are trying to accomplish and we’ll tell you how we can help!

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