Our Focus

Our Focus

Retail Banking

We started working with a community bank early on and, over the years, they’ve grown significantly and substantially. We are part of that story. We know the science and art behind bringing people together and applied it in innovative ways that created an immersive brand experience. What we’ve done with this bank is much more than designing or renovating branches. Working collaboratively, we transformed each branch from a transaction-based environment to an interactive, engaging experience that promotes conversations with customers. This allows the Bank Specialists to learn about all aspects of their customer’s  lives that bank products and services can help, support and energize at all stages of life—giving them a sense of financial well-being.

With “Fintechs” ready to disrupt the banking industry, branches need to evolve and adapt quickly.  We have our finger on the pulse of these changes and the knowledge to make offstage and onstage spaces and services work cohesively and successfully in compelling branded environments.

Our retail banking projects have all come from referrals of our happy customers who have gotten positive feedback from their customers and employees and a boost to the bottom line. This is what we mean when we say we specialize in sustainable, branded environments—your customers and employees feel good in your space and are inspired by your story.  That boosts your bottom line.  It’s all related.



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Creating an engaging retail experience requires the marriage of compelling design and knowledge of what motivates sales. We keep up with the technology and trends that influence specialty retail, service retail and retail banking in order to drive results.


Your office space needs to tell your story. Think about it: Most office space could be anyone’s. You don’t even need to imagine the effects to the occupants because you’ve already seen the dulling results. When an office space fits the culture, the brand, the personality of the organization, it inspires employees and customers. That energizes the business.

At the same time, office space needs to function well, attract employees, improve productivity, and encourage collaboration and innovation. Ergonomics, thermal comfort, acoustics, and views to nature, along with selecting and specifying environmentally responsible materials and fixtures contribute to wellness and productivity. Better lighting alone can spark a 23% jump in efficiencies.  Plants can lead to a 15% jump in productivity! We can even build in opportunities for walking or standing, not just sitting all day to promote health and well-being. We know the science behind how people work, from what keeps them comfortable to the spaces that teams need for innovation, inspiration, and forward-thinking.

A choreographed space brings people together, both intentionally and ‘accidentally,’ or spontaneously. The physical environment is a holistic experience for everyone in it and that’s why we consider the entire body, not just the armrests or the task lights. Sustainability is connected to brand is connected to culture is connected to the bottom line.  It’s all related.

What is your firm’s story? We would love to help you share it in a way that generates buzz … and revenue.


A comprehensive vision provides a guide for public and private initiatives which, when woven together through public policy and targeted actions, will result in vibrant new communities. We understand that a strategic focus on the big picture has a positive impact on creative place-making and the built environment.

Strategic Branded Experiences

A brand is a promise wrapped in an experience. 

A Branded Environment is the physical embodiment of your brand that extends the experience of your brand, values, mission and purpose to the design of the exterior and interior settings. A Strategic Branded Environment integrates sustainable principles that promote health, well-being and productivity. Through the integration of sustainability, architecture, interiors, environmental graphics, signage, and interior finish and fixture selections, we create an unforgettable experience consistent with your DNA, identity and culture.



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Sustainability, also referred to as Green Design, minimizes harmful effects on human health and the environment. It starts before the pencil hits the paper and is as much about attitude as it is about choosing eco-friendly building materials and systems.  There is only one planet that supports life in this solar system so we are passionate about protecting it.

Because we specialize in sustainable, branded environments, many of our projects are renovations of existing buildings in urban environments. Bringing new life to existing buildings and minimizing sprawl are two benefits of the type of design work we do.  If a new building is a must, then we look for infill sites or brown fields before disturbing virgin land.  We bring green principles to all of our designs because it makes sense to provide healthy, energy-efficient spaces that minimize the impact on the environment and help maximize the bottom line.  Our holistic approach to design allows us to create highly functional, innovative and collaborative experiences that have a positive impact on health, well-being and productivity.  Our bold designs also create buzz and energy that attracts people and drives revenue. It’s all related.