LaTida Smith - President & CEO of The Moses Taylor Foundation



Michael C. Wilkins –  CEO of Marshall Retail Group

“For the past decade, DxDempsey Architecture has worked hand-in-hand with the Marshall Retail Group team to create a dozen successful brands that have helped us become America’s largest, independent specialty retailer in the casino-resort and airport marketplace.  Their intense creativity, commitment to excellence and can-do spirit dovetail perfectly into our fast-paced and collaborative culture.”

Denise S. Cesare, CPA, FACHE, Principal at DSC Consulting Group

“During my tenure as CEO of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we worked with DxDempsey on several projects including the launch of our first retail stores. The approach their creative team took incorporated our brand into a cheerful design and led to successful stores where enrolling in healthcare became a user-friendly and inviting experience.”

Caroline Munley - Managing Partner at Munley Law

Daniel J. Santaniello – President & CEO of Fidelity Deposit & Discount Bank

“DxDempsey has been a trusted partner for many years.  The team’s innovative and collaborative approach to design and building projects has resonated in our marketplace and has made the Fidelity Bank brand stand tall.  DxDempsey’s sustainable approach is congruent to the vision and the mission of Fidelity Bank.  The DxDempsey team brings passion to each and every architectural design and building project.  Successful projects are not an option – they are a requirement. DxDempsey is a great partner! We would not be where we are today without the team’s innovative approach.”

Joel Furey – Chief Commercial Officer of Noble Biomaterials, Inc.

“For more than 10 years, DxDempsey has been a partner in bringing our brand to life.  They understand our vision and help us tell our unique X-STATIC® technology story, especially through our corporate office space.  As we have grown and expanded, DxDempsey has continued to help us transform our industrial building and its challenging spaces into beacons of our brand, including offices that are light-filled, functional and inspiring.”